First deposit bonuses in online casinos explained for beginners

When choosing an online casino, users often pay attention first to the first deposit bonuses because it is so tempting to get extra money to play with.

In order to receive a welcome bonus (deposit bonus), a player usually has to deposit a certain amount of money. After that, he receives an additional percentage of this amount that he can use for betting. For example, if the player deposited 100 euros, he will receive an additional 50 euros. In this situation, the deposit bonus is 50% of the deposited amount.

Often the player receives his bonus automatically, but regular casinos always ask whether the customer agrees to receive bonus funds. It is therefore advisable to familiarize yourself with the casino’s bonus conditions before registering. Finally, there can also be a lot of nuances and rules to take into account.

Bonus type

First deposit bonuses

There are different types of bonuses. Some of them can be withdrawn immediately after betting. Such bonuses are called normal. There are cases where the bonus must be wagered but cannot be withdrawn from the account. A bonus that cannot be withdrawn is better not accepted. The benefit of this will be small. The best deposit bonus is the bonus when the player can easily withdraw (cash out) everything he has won beyond the bonus.

Amount of deposit

Before making your first deposit in a particular casino and agreeing to the welcome bonus, it is important to carefully study the wagering conditions. Information about this should usually be provided in the “Bonuses” or “Bonuses and Promotions” tab. The online chat consultants can also have the necessary information. When analyzing the conditions for using the bonus, be sure to pay attention to the following things:

  1. Betting stake. The player must wager the deposited amount a certain number of times (usually between 20 and 40) in order to cash out his bonus. If the casino’s bet exceeds the number 40, it is better not to accept this bonus.
  2. Maximum bet. It is the highest amount you are allowed to wager while wagering the bonus. If the bet size exceeds the allowed limit, the player may lose the winnings and the bonus.
  3. The games in the casino that are excluded from the bonus. These are games where the bonus cannot be wagered. These usually include slot machines with progressive jackpots.

How to check the percentage of the bonus that has already been wagered

First deposit bonuses

Reputable casinos always indicate what percentage of the total bonus amount must be wagered. You can find the relevant information on the Bonuses tab. You can also get them from a customer representative. If you have chosen a regular casino, it is very easy to understand the terms and conditions of the bonuses.

But in a casino with a dubious reputation, no matter how you study the rules, you will definitely violate one of the conditions and lose all the promised bonuses and winnings. Therefore, choose the reliable casino to play, find out about bonus offers and enjoy the game!

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