Casino etiquette worldwide

Casinos are centers of entertainment and culture. Although the game itself is universal, the unwritten rules vary worldwide. Understanding these differences is not only interesting but also useful.


The etiquette is closely linked to the development of the gambling houses themselves. Originally they were exclusive places reserved only for the elite.

Starting in Italy in the 17th century, they quickly spread throughout Europe. With this spread came specific rules of behavior that differed depending on the culture.

Around the globe

Casino etiquette


European halls are often known for their elegance and strict demeanor. In many establishments, visitors are expected to dress formally. The behavior is usually reserved; Cheering loudly or cursing is considered inappropriate.

Many emphasize the classic experience, with a focus on roulette, baccarat and blackjack. The traditions of these places are often reflected in the architecture and design. This creates an almost timeless atmosphere.

North America

There is a relaxed atmosphere in North America. Clothing is less formal, and it is not uncommon to wear jeans and a t-shirt. The mood is often cheerful and it is common to consume many drinks.

Interaction with others and staff is relaxed and informal. You can play on several machines around the clock. They often offer extensive entertainment options, including shows, concerts and restaurants.


Asian casinos, especially in Macau, are known for their strict etiquette. Respect and courtesy towards others is of the utmost importance. Many Asian cultures also have superstitions and rituals that are followed.

It is customary to blow on dice or cards before playing to ward off bad luck. The choice of tables and machines can also be influenced by astrological beliefs. In addition, photography is often strictly prohibited in the areas.

Middle East

In Middle Eastern countries, where gambling is often restricted, there are special zones or resorts for it. The rules of conduct reflect religious and cultural norms.

Dress codes are often conservative, and visitors are expected to exercise restraint. Alcohol consumption is limited or not permitted at all in many of these establishments.

Etiquette in the online world

Casino etiquette

But here too there are rules of conduct that should be followed. In chat rooms or live dealer games, it is important to remain polite. Harassing or aggressive behavior may result in account suspension.

It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the rules of each establishment. Even though one is not physically present, a good understanding contributes to a pleasant environment.

At the end of the day

While some corners have a casual, almost party-like atmosphere, others prefer a more formal manner.

Knowing these differences helps to better understand and appreciate the culture of the host country. No matter where you are, respect and understanding of local customs are always important.

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