The 5 common mistakes of the tipster

Sports betting

Sports betting is fascinating and attracts many people. But even if the bettor is not an absolute beginner and has already made a few bets, the mistake can be made. And these mistakes can ruin the whole betting experience and lead to losses. So that you can avoid these mistakes as a tipster, our team of experts has listed five major mistakes made by tipsters.

Make bets without thorough preparation

Betting does not tolerate careless handling of oneself. Every single bet should be based on expert knowledge, analysis of the match and the odds. Yes, this preparation is often difficult and even laborious because you have to process a large amount of information, count probabilities, and assess the team shape and chances of the teams or athletes. Sometimes bettors are simply too lazy to properly engage with the sporting event. Then they make superficial analysis, do not study the nuances of the upcoming match and often miss important details.

Be guided by emotions

Sports betting

Every gambler is subject to psychological factors when emotions take over and the calculating mind takes a back seat. Of course, this has a negative effect on the game: money is lost. This is often the reason for rash betting decisions and losses. And a mistake based on emotions often leads to further wrong decisions. Then the bettor loses more and more money. In the worst case, such a streak of bad luck can lead to gambling addiction.

Place bets under the influence of alcohol

The term “under the influence” actually refers not only to alcohol but also to all substances and products that can impair cognitive ability and concentration and prevent appropriate decision-making. These include alcohol, light drugs and highly addictive medications. Of course, it is better not to consume most of these substances at all, as they harm the body and distort the appropriate perception of the world. When it comes to sports betting and gambling in general, they do not belong with alcohol.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to drink alcohol and then make rash betting decisions. In such a situation you cannot objectively assess the situation. Therefore, betting under the influence of alcohol is a no-go and one of the most common mistakes made by bettors.

Bet too high

Sports betting

Who doesn’t want to become rich and enjoy big profits? Especially when it comes to gambling, the desire to win more often becomes the cause of failure and permanent financial losses. In the desire to win as much as possible, people lose much larger sums. Experienced players are guided not by excitement when betting, but by bankroll management.

Chasing your own losses

Everyone knows the situation when a major failure or a series of failures causes a lot of grief and a desire to make amends as quickly as possible. You start betting on everything in a row, increasing the amount, choosing high odds to chase losses. This mistake is most commonly seen among beginners and amateurs, especially those who have already lost a large sum of money. The tipsters then use aggressive methods to win back money with ever higher stakes and odds. In reality, this behavior only leads to higher losses.


Making mistakes is normal, even if the bettor has already made a few bets. If you have made one of these mistakes, you should try to objectively evaluate your mistake, analyze it and avoid it in the future. This is how you overcome your own mistakes to achieve long-term success.

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