Rugby Betting Explained For Rugby Fans

A football-like sport with great appeal, rugby is considered the archetype of the football we all know. This interesting sport is said to have developed after English football, but has some peculiarities. And while rugby’s betting structure also has some similarities to football’s betting structure, it is a bit different. In this article we have summarized everything you need to know about betting on rugby for rugby fans, which you can later put into practice.

Rugby betting markets overview

Rugby Betting

The most popular rugby betting options include winner bet, over/under bet, 3-way bet, handicap bet, live bet and long-term bet, especially seasonal bet. Rugby special bets such as bets on the player with the highest points and bets on the first try scorer are also widespread among rugby fans. The winner bet in rugby works in the same way as winner bets in other team sports: you bet on which team will be the winner in the game. This is also known as a match bet.

For an over/under bet, it doesn’t matter which team wins in the game, it only concerns the hypothetical total number of points in a game that both teams scored. The bettor guesses whether this number is above or below a certain value that the bookmaker has previously set. An over/under bet is one of the so-called point bets. A 3-way bet works like a winner bet except for one difference: you bet on a home win, an away win or a draw. Sometimes you can make a 2-way bet on rugby where a “draw” outcome will void the bet. Handicap betting in rugby is betting on the total result. Rugby live bet is a bet that is made in real time, typically in rugby it is a remaining time bet.

Long-term bet in rugby is a bet that is not made for a single game, but for several games as part of a tournament. For example, there could be a bet on the overall winning team in the rugby tournament. This long-term bet even has its own name: outright bet. And since there are several rugby tournaments and international championships, you can bet on the overall winning team in each of these competitions.

The biggest rugby events to place bets on are the Rugby Union World Cup, Rugby League World Cup, European Rugby Champions Cup, European Rugby Challenge Cup, and Six Nations competition. Rugby special bets take into account the special features of this sport. Which player scored the first try in the game? And how many points did a player score in the match? Which game from the two teams was the best? All of these variants are possible for a rugby special bet. It is still possible to place a bet on the length of the entire rugby game, or to bet on when the specific event, for example a try, will occur in the game.

Choice of betting provider and betting odds

Rugby Betting

As with all sports betting, the choice of sports betting provider also plays a very important role in rugby betting. You should choose a reputable and reliable betting provider that has a valid gambling license and is well rated by bettors. The more betting markets the betting provider has available to the bettor, the better. And since the betting odds vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, it is best to register with several reputable bookmakers and choose the best odds for a game each time.

Other criteria you should use to choose a bookmaker are the user-friendliness of the website, welcome bonus, loyalty program and fair bonus conditions, as well as good customer service and high odds levels. Payment modalities must also be taken into account.

Have you not yet had any experience with exciting rugby bets? Then we hope you have fun with it!

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